COP26 Scottish NetZero Community Limited ed Tartan Scarf by Prickly Thistle


Scottish NetZero Community

We want Scotland to be a leader in the fight against Climate Change


• This limited edition NetZero Tartan Scarf is registered at the Scottish tartan registry as Earth, and it is produced exclusively for the NetZero Scottish Community to mark the UN Climate Change COP26 in Glasgow. • It symbolises a collaborative commitment to a plastic free, cruelty free, kind and fair planet. Your appreciated purchase fundraises for the necessary skillset and mindset transition of Scottish business towards a zero carbon Scotland. This collaborative climate art project fuels the Scottish NetZero Community goal of ensuring as many as possible climate pledges for zero carbon 2045, with an exclusive tartan scarf to celebrate the cooperation and the unleashed power of like-minded communities towards a better future for people and for the environment. • The 2045 scarf is a unique handmade textile, beautifully crafted by the Scottish iconic Highlands-based Prickly Thistle, led by the Highland rebel Clare Campbell: a successful ethical company, with social and environmental impacts and a transparent supply chain. This tartan scarf was woven at a lovingly restored mill in the Highlands of Scotland using from cruelty free Shetland organic wool and only plant-based dyes, we know that every point along Claire’s supply chain is accounted for. This special tartan design has also a special reference to COP26: the 2040 climate pledge is secretly interwoven into the fabric. • The Scottish NetZero Community aims to enable Scotland to be a leader in a restorative response to Climate Change. Our priority is to enable as many Scottish businesses as possible to feel able to fully engage in pledging to be Net Zero. • Green Grow Club is the Marketplace ally for the Scottish NetZero Community at COP26 UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow. Green Grow Club (GGC) supports the transition from ‘business as usual’ to ‘business for the good of all life on planet Earth’. • The Green Grow Club is also a Plaza learning hub, where people come together to fight greenwashing through localised producing, making, selling, buying products, as much as possible locally, with the higher ethical standards of plastic free, cruelty-free, fair and kind trade.

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