12 PACKETS Gluten Free Italian Pasta White Corn Pennette Rigate (12 X 250g pack). Buy in bulk!

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12 Packets White Corn Pennette (12 x 250g pack). Buy in bulk!

We've taken white corn and made pennette, which are shorter and narrower than classic penne. This shape has been designed especially for Bontasana, and we recommend it for days when you're in the mood for a chunky vegetable sauce. The pennette's ridged surface makes this pasta a fun canvas for a variety of condiments and gives it a uniquely satisfying texture. 

Cooking Time 14 minutes · Sautéed pasta 16 minutes · Straight to the plate

Cooking and Tips

Two cooking times The package indicates two times: stick to the first, shorter, if you choose to drain the pasta and finish cooking it in a pan, in the oven, or in any other way; instead, follow the second cooking time, longer, to season it and serve it directly after simply boiling it in the pot.

Each type doubles in weight and volume For this reason, the average recommended raw portion is 60 grams.

The cooking water can be reserved and reused for other preparations Broths, soups, sautéed vegetables... Add an extra touch to your dishes with aromatic hints of spirulina or turmeric with Sarawak pepper. This last one, unsalted, can also become an excellent golden milk.

Our pasta does not overcook and remains intact even the next day If there is any leftover don’t throw it away! Put it to the test, its structure always remains al dente, even the day after you’ve cooked it. Try it warm or at room temperature for your summer recipes or a quick lunch break.

Bontasana pasta is suitable for all preparations Do not limit your creativity. For example, cook it the same way you would prepare risotto, adding liquid a little at a time: besides preserving its nutritional properties, the natural presence of starch will make every sauce richer and creamier. Au Gratin, in the oven, it will retain its structure ensuring a result that is always a winner.

Our extruder dies are entirely made of bronze “Entirely” means that not only the disc, but also the inserts, are made of bronze, which is essential for obtaining a quality product that respects tradition: slower processing and longer drying times allow to achieve uniform pasta sheets, with an ideal surface porosity sauces and seasonings to cling on. Also, the designs were created specifically by a master die-caster for Bontasana.

Recipies and suggestions

White Corn Pennette Rigate with Carrot Cream, Cauliflower and Pioppini Mushrooms, Serves 4

One box of Bontasana White Corn Pennette Rigate 200 grams cauliflower 2 carrots 3/4 tbs nutritional yeast 300 grams pioppini mushrooms (Cyclocybe aegerita) 1 garlic clove Fresh chives Olive oil to taste Salt to taste Pepper to taste

Wash and cut the carrots and cauliflower, then steam.

In a non-stick pan, cook the pioppini mushrooms with olive oil and a garlic clove.

Cook the pasta in boiling water. When the carrots and cauliflower are cooked, blend them with oil, salt, nutritional yeast, and a pinch of pepper.

Add the cooking water from the pasta and blend until you get a smooth and homogeneous cream.

Drain the pasta and set aside some of the cooking water.

Finish cooking the White Corn Pennette in a pan with the cauliflower and carrot cream, adding more cooking water if necessary.

Serve the Pennette with the pioppini mushrooms, and decorate with chopped fresh chives.

Recipe by Sarahjoyce Jona, Content Creator

White corn Pennette Rigate with Tuscan kale, black garlic cream and hazelnuts, Serves 4

One box of Bontasana White Corn Pennette Rigate 16 grams chopped toasted hazelnuts

For the black garlic cream: 3 cloves of black garlic 40 grams toasted and peeled hazelnuts 20 grams extra virgin olive oil 10 grams ice salt to taste freshly ground black pepper to taste

For the Tuscan kale cream: 60 grams Tuscan kale, only leaves without the nerve 10 grams ice 8 grams almonds 20 grams extra virgin olive oil + more for creaming salt to taste

In a mixer, combine the black garlic, toasted hazelnuts, extra virgin olive oil, ice, salt, and pepper. Blend until you get a thick and homogeneous cream. Set aside.

Cook the white corn penne in plenty of boiling water and drain when al dente, reserving some of the cooking water.

Blend the kale leaves with the almonds, ice, extra virgin olive oil, and salt.

Stir the pasta with the kale cream and, if necessary, add some of the cooking water to maintain the creamy consistency. Dress with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Serve the White Corn Penne on the black garlic sauce and garnish with chopped hazelnuts.

Recipe by Emanuele Giorgione Wellness Gourmet | Consultant | Education Specialist Wellness & Food Intolerance Aware Cuisine

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