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This workshop is designed to provide hands-on knowledge and support to potential mushrooms growers and fungi startups in Scotland.


Who should attend?

The fungi workshop is designed for farmers, gardeners, community developers, innovators, designers, academics, students and whoever is interested in developing sustainable and circular solutions, contributing to the solutions to the climate challenges.


What participants will learn? 

The module will introduce participants to the art and science of mushroom cultivation by offering low-tech, small business and even home-scale methods for growing mushrooms for food, health and ecosystem restoration.


In addition, the module showcases potential future developments utilising living systems in a commercial setting for industry, and thus is an important platform to hear from the key stakeholders in this emerging field.


This will be a hands-on training in fungi growing techniques, feedstock mix recipies, fungi spawn best varieties knowledge, user experience testing, for scaled-up production. The goal is to give them the skills to bootstrap their product in the early phases, what to be aware of when developing a product and to know how to collaborate in the feedstock supply chain.


Participants will learn in specific about:

  • General knowledge about available and unutilised feedstock, characteristics and growth parameters. 
  • Smart biowaste streams collection
  • Introduction to mycology and microbiology
  • Spawn and mushroom strains recipes for mushroom coltivation - receiving a full collection of possible recipies for future developments
  • Fungi smart farming parameters and practical ways of production
  • Fungi nutritional values combined with fibres for plant-based diets
  • Mycelium as valuable by-products and possible utilisation for other revenue streams such as compost, animal feed and biomaterial creation
  • Visit to Green Grow Production facilities in Forres
  • We will focus on less-sterile approaches to creating mushroom cultures (“spawn”), fruiting mushrooms, working with fungi for compost, rebuilding topsoil, addressing soil and water contamination.
  • Throughout this mushroom cultivation course, you will learn on setting up a cultivation space, gathering materials and equipment, and gain experiential hands-on skills to make liquid cultures, petri cultures, grain spawn, and more.
  • Participants will learn simple ways to grow mushrooms, digest waste with fungi, and work with fungi for remediation.
  • The course will involve a mix of lecture-style learning and a lot of hands-on indoor and outdoor skill building.
  • Focus on growing mushrooms on different feedstocks (like coffee grounds, spent grains and straw) for food and health, starting and growing your own mushroom cultures.
  • Approaches to cultivation lifecycle and detail approaches to cultivation (sterile and less-sterile), and then get hands-on in spawn production: substrates (growing mediums) - liquid culture, agar, grain, wasted feedstocks (coffee grounds, straw, spent grains).
  • Equipment + Materials: make a glove box, and go through a mushroom cultivation equipment and materials checklist.
  • Starting Cultures – cardboard, liquid culture + agar
  • Feedstock and next steps: incubating, troubleshooting-  what to do if it gets contaminated.
  • Each participant will take away their own mushroom cultures (1 liquid culture, 1 Oyster mushroom grow kit + 1 grain spawn jar) and a Mushroom Cultivation Manual to refer back to.
    Low-tech skills for growing your own mushroom ‘cultures/spawn/mycelium’
  • Starting companies/organisations and guiding starters.
  • Visit to Green Grow facility in Forres
  • Intro to fungal ecology + overview of mushroom cultivation
  • Mycelium companions to the garden
  • Hands-on: beautify your garden and reforest with mycelium
  • Lunch with mushroom meals and breaks with medicinal mushroom tea
  • Growing mushrooms overview + medicinal and nutritional properties + how to prepare for food and medicine
  • Other cool stuff you can do with Fungi – working with fungi to address household waste and build healthy soil (intro to Mycoremediation) + Q&A






For more information, please write to or phone us: Iain Findlay 07435838572


Fungi Cultivation Hands-on - 10th Oct 2020

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