2 Days module 

Come and learn with us how to regenerate our soil and keep the good in the ground!


The mycelium plays a symbiotic relationship with plants. Mycelium entangles the roots of plants and trees and nourish the plant life. Mycelium will help plants absorb water and nutrients, as well as build up the immunity of the trees and plants.

Mycelium is the helper of life. Whole books have been written about this process and it is amazing.

This is an amazing cycle and if people would become part of this system, soil would be so full of life. We would be fed such nutrient rich foods by our soil.

Our bellies would be full with less food, making us healthier, and we could feed everyone for less money and effort.

Permaculture is the key to working with our friends the mycorrhizas and letting them work for us to feed all! 

Soil Mycelium Fertiliser for Bioregeneration - Aug 2020

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