GGC Wonder Team

IainFindlay2016-2%2017.38.16.jpg?1618850380280       Iain Findlay - GGC Head of sustainability knowledge 

I'm the head of sustainability knowledge at Green Grow Club. I enjoy the science of the regenerative sustainability frameworks and translating that into something that's relevant and practical to businesses.

I'm very excited about the idea of people on Green Grow Club using it as a way to learn about sustainable business issues, and then co-operating in ways that can bring about business benefits to them and better, more sustainable products to the rest of us. I enjoy the live events we run because it's very energising to engage with people interested in regeneration and sustainability. It challenges us to keep on our toes.

Isabella%20Guerrini%20de%20Claire.jpg?1618850476113       Isabella Guerrini de Claire - GGC Project Energiser 

I'm a European environmental scientist living in Scotland, who ended up lending her geeky brain a community of purpose driven entrepreneurs, and ultimately to regenerative business development for the last two decades. 

Regenerating the Earth is more than a destination for me. It is a relentless pursuit. An endeavour that requires integrity, sticking with our core value and responsibility, towards this and the next generations, towards the legacy that we are meant to look after. Ultimately, this responsibility is common sense, because without a regenerative roadmap, the economy and the ecology will continue to be badly damaged. We won't have a healthy economy if we don't have a healthy ecology. The word 'eco' means 'home' in ancient Greek, and no wonder is present in both words. Our home is worth saving, with us on it. This why I am putting in motion the Green Grow Club. Let's band together to create the Green Revolution. 

   Yvonne%20bigger.png?1618927109626       Yvonne Cuneo - GGC Eco-vendors Community Engagement Director

I am Australian, but having a Scottish grandfather and having been a Highland dancer since age 4, not to mention having climbed all the Munros in the first five years of my 20 years here, I consider myself almost a native.
In my professional and personal life I have always engaged with holistic and environmental leaders, exploring personal, social, environmental and economic sustainability, helping to hatch restorative projects which recognise that we humans are part of the interconnected web of life. Afterall, we live on a planet with finite resources and I have yet to find a business case for ending life on Earth.
My own lifestyle is not completely congruent with my values, and I am on a journey exploring what it truly means to be a planetary citizen. I am proud to work with Green Grow Club which supports ethical businesses which do embed sustainable principles in all aspects of their work. This helps me and all consumers to make better choices.

alan%20profile%20(1).jpg?1618850586216          Alan Whiteside - GGC Digitalisation and Innovation Manager

I am an innovation expert with over twenty years experience. I'm passionate about sustainable development in rural communities and developing collaborative clusters and innovation that focuses on health, water, food, energy and the built-environment. I live in Moray, Scotland, and I have worked internationally and love connecting through digital (and hopefully live sometime in the future) with people for projects, meetings and events around the world to share knowledge, products and service, and love doing some trail running and cycling in new places. I resonate very much with the Green Grow Club mission and aiming to band together sustainable business and eco-conscious consumerism. The future of physical events has evolved. In the future events and training will be fully virtual or a hybrid-model, helping organisations engage larger audiences - my job here is to get you up to speed on them through the plaza learning hub.