GGC Steering Group recruiting. 

Don't be a one-man-band, let's band together. Join the Next Green Revolution.

We are recruiting new members! We are very excited we have already some very knowledgeable folks in the Green Grow Club steering group and you will hear soon about these amazing people. If you are passionate about the next green revolution, we want to invite you to consider to propose your candidature. We looking for passionate members to join GGC Steering Group and expand the GGC outreach internationally.


As Scotland and the world step up regarding the transformational change needed to deliver ambitious climate successes, this is an exciting opportunity to join a strategic leadership of Scotland’s network of professionals working in business development, climate change and sustainability.

The GGC Steering Group provides strategic direction for the community and supports the delivery of business aims and programme of activity.  The role involves working closely with senior stakeholders, eco-conscious businesses, key public sector organisations and leadership, national policy teams, subject area experts, and peers and colleagues across Scotland, UK and worldwide. 

The GGC Steering Group also offers a valuable opportunity for the private and public sector sustainability and climate champions to engage at international level and to guide the green revolution development and delivery of the Green Grow Club.