Green Grow Club (GGC) is a community, a multi-vendor marketplace, and a learning hub for individuals and businesses to develop a regenerative business model with a quadruple bottom line (QBL): people, planet, purpose and profit.

We are all on a journey of understanding how to best support our home: planet Earth. It is clear that our current western lifestyle needs to radically change before the climate crisis and its related challenges reach a tipping point we cannot come back from.

We provide people, especially ecopreneurs and eco-vendors, with a science-based open-source tool, the Green Grow Club Meter, to measure their environmental impact and the standard of their planet and people care. We encourage them to clarify how they can improve and achieve their goals, without compromising core values. Meanwhile, the wider community of conscious consumers can use the GGC meter results to make informed choices to use their purchasing power to support truly sustainable businesses to grow and flourish.

For the conscious consumer 

We welcome you as a citizen consumer who wants to buy products and services which are healthy for planet and people. Green Grow Club is here to make those choices simple for you by doing the research to ensure that every vendor in our marketplace is trustworthy and that their product, production process, packaging, shipping and employment policies are in line with our standards of plastic free, cruelty free, fairness and kindness.

In this way, making sustainable, ethical choices will be very easy.  

Conscious consumers are often frustrated when products which claim to be sustainably sourced or created do not live up to expectations. Have you ever the experienced buying vegan products, all wrapped in plastic film? Then, you know the feeling. Often there is no course of action to address this disappointment, but as part of the Green Grow Club, you have the opportunity to give feedback and know that this will be addressed. 

If, after purchasing a product, you feel a vendor does not meet the community entry eco-vendor ethics, please contact us and we will follow up with you and the vendor to ensure consumer satisfaction. This is a crucial part of building trust.  

For the conscious eco-vendor

We understand how hard it is to run an ethical, sustainable and profitable business so that everyone wins. The conscious consumers who appreciate your efforts will find you through our marketplace.

This is your platform and we are here to help you by sharing the insights we have gained from 20 years of award-winning experience in the sustainability arena. 

As part of our community, on the GGC Plaza - Learning Hub we offer paid services and features such as webinars, resources, learning opportunities and one-to-one support to help you develop and improve your business and brand ethos in order to achieve your sustainability goals.