GGC has a sustainability ranking meter. How does it work?

The GGC Meter is our way of giving consumers a clear picture about their purchase ethos, and the eco-vendors an opportunity to evaluate where they are on their sustainability journey. 

The GGC meter uses a robust metric specifically chosen by the scientific and business community to measure environmental, economic, social and organisational aspects of business. By answering simple questions, businesses are able to quickly assess the full environmental impact of producing and selling their products and services and see if any improvements need to be made. 

If the business want to improve and not just assess, and develop a strategy towards regenerative sustainability they should join the GGC Plaza - Learning Hub, where they will have the opportunity to create a proper vision and plan for their NetZero impact for the future.

In this way, we are all supporting the development of a business culture which embraces full-spectrum sustainability.

Please note: we are developing our Green Grow Club meter into an even more robust metrics.
Here below is en example of our current GGC meter.


Assessing your progress towards genuine sustainability

  • Eco-vendors first level entry is empty or white on the meter. It is already a very high level of standards. If an eco-vendor is on the GGC marketplace even with an empty bar, it shows that they are fully compliant to the GGC ethos of plastic free, cruelty free, fair and kind, the GGC meter will be shown as empty.

  • The second level of eco-impact metric shows the meter filling up as grey, when the eco-vendor will be self-verified by a free open-source Basic Sustainability Assessment Tool developed by the sustainability guru and global leader Bob Willard (feedback here).

  • For those who aspire to excellence and committed to go above and beyond -‘Green Grow Club verified’, achieved by complying with the science-based sustainability benchmarks defined by the Future-Fit framework, turning your meter green. The Plaza Learning Hub is providing material and boot-camps to support businesses to achieve this level. The third level of metric is reached when the meter turns green for the eco-vendors, when verified with the completion of the GGC Journey with all 23 individual benchmarks*. We will turn it on for you!

  • No meter? Don’t worry! If you don’t yet meet the four entry standards but are keen to improve, join the GGC Plaza Learning Hub. The Plaza forum and Hub’s Bootcamp courses will advise and support you to make changes which will benefit your business, the planet and its people.

On the GGC Plaza - Learning Hub everyone, not just the GGC eco-vendors, can join a regenerative sustainability learning and inspiring journey and measure their environmental and social impact. 

*The GGC sustainability impact measurement compliance is based on a Business Management Tool, which is also called 
The Future Fit Benchmark (FFB)
This tool is  probably the most comprehensive sustainability guidance framework available. This tool also allows eco-vendors and conscious consumers to see how their actions satisfy the
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


I'll be honest. I hate Greenwashing. Companies that do it deliberately are misleading people who are trying to do their best to support genuinely progressive companies. They are also making the effort we need to make as a species to improve how we provide products and services more difficult. This is our initial effort to fight back against greenwashing. It's a science-based approach we are taking, and we'll get better at illustrating how companies are doing over time. In the meantime, every company on this site is leading the way in their own way. Support them. Buy their products. Give them feedback.