once you are A green grower


you are part of our family!

We aim to recover your waste heat and unused bioresources  (sawdust/spent grains/coffee waste) and help you providing everything you need to produce, in small or large scale, 

edible mushrooms and mycelium, that we will allocate to the market for you, while you can enjoy your own produced bio-fertiliser and bio-based material developments.

Green Grow Club is a Biorefinery Cluster Consortium that

works in partnership with 

Biotechnology and 

Energy Efficiency companies and many other partners to develop market entry and knowledge transfer open source in fungi farming production and processing, top soil regeneration, 

fertilisers, biomaterials, bio-packaging.

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Interested in being a Green Grower but don’t know what we could do for you?

Do you have coffee waste, sawdust, spent grains to dispose of and you need us to help you?

Below, we have answered our most frequently asked questions.

What is GREEN GROW club? [-]

It is a B2B service offered by Green Grow Consortium and powered by Aurora


We are Scottish Highland-based companies deploying high-tech, climate-controlled “Mobile Modular Growing System” in refurbished shipping containers, where we grow our mushrooms. 


We are rolling out our wares in Scotland. We are paving a way towards nature-based sustainable production models. 


We will be financing our upscaling with the sales of the Gourmet mushroom vegan meal box


  • Please help us by pre-ordering your Meal box, in doing so you are also donating for Scottish reforesting. 

  • Share our project and your generous support among your friends, in your social network.

  • We need your help in going viral and raise enough funds to make the difference for the Planet. 


A sliver of the growing urban agriculture movement, the Green Grow 'fungi-clusters' aim to cut the distance from farm to table, reduce food waste, and use sensors and renewable energy to perfect growing mushrooms.


We strive to empower urban and rural start-ups, local farmers, and communities to grow their own food by providing them with the technology and skills they need. We believe in encouraging local businesses to grow more diverse and better quality foods, with high skills, and innovative solutions.

Green Grow is Mobile Modular Growing System is high quality, functional and temporary producing station designed to help you grow mushrooms/mycelium and sell your products/services with us, in such a way that it stimulates interest and entices customers to make a purchase.

A Green Grow modular system can be easily assembled and taken down,  to suit your business and changed in appearance to fit with the walkways and common areas in cities or countryside. 

Our modular systems offer modern, high quality, functional production 

stations, which can be tailored to the product/service on offer. 

Green Grow Club provides the system, the knowledge and the market for you.

Each system comes fully equipped and likely designed on your needs with structure, lighting, storage, and soft–sided control system 

Our certified staff will also be there to make sure that everything stays up and running and that all codes and regulations are met.

Who can be a green grow producer? [-]

We tailor programmes to a variety of clients.

Green Growers are farmers, land owners,  entrepreneurs, wholesalers, exporters,  artisan food producers, manufacturers, shop owners, community schemes and national brands.

Why should I join the GREEN GROW club? [-]

If you have bioresources and feedstock as coffee waste, spent grains and sawdust to be disposed or available in your area, we will give you the opportunity to join the Green Grow Club. 

If you want to subscribe for be a Green Grower you will have the advantage to use our programmes that will allow you to test new products or services in a low-risk environment with low initial investment.

You don’t have to commit to a lengthy lease, as we offer short-term commitments.

Your products will go in front of consumers predisposed to support the environment as well, and with our brand you will gain consumer confidence by being located within a conscious environmental friendly branding.

How much does green grow cluster unit cost? [-]

The cost of the cluster varies.

We help you customise a subscription pricing package to meet your needs, with these factors in mind:

  • Your chosen growing system - Renewable Tech and Climate Control

  • Feedstocks

  • Number and Type of containers

  • Market access

  • Cost of goods

  • Labour

  • Insurance

  • Weekly rents

  • Logistics 


How do I start? [-]

  1. Identify your business dimension and available feedstocks 

  2. Establish your startup budget

  3. Develop your business plan with us. Write us at

  4. After your application gains centre approval, our experts will help you set up and market your system and product


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