We aim to provide increasing revenue for our members with providing for them a quality comprehensive service with:

  • fungi from feedstocks general knowledge

  • business support

  • micro-finance assistance

  • growing climate control technology

  • fungi biotech learning

  • access to specialties food market for gourmet mushrooms

We aim to support bio-economy/rural based companies through the Climate Innovation Hub through Climate-KIC EIT funds, delivering the follow in cooperation with Green Grow Co-op members and partners.

We aim to open the Green Grow open biolab© solution to offer affordable lab-space playground for bioeconomy entrepreneurs.


The Green Grow open biolab© is part of an emergent culture of local and networked innovation, design and production entities that support bio-based and creative enterprising, who in turn support cities and regions to be environmentally sustainable and self-sufficient solutions to offer affordable lab-space.


Becoming the world’s first startup support open biolab — a place where bio based businesses can learn and work on biotechnology - providing STEM educational outreach, classes for adults, cultural events, and a platform for science innovation at the grassroots level to give:

  • Support to businesses in valorising their waste streams, gaining added value from the by-products of their manufacturing processes in the food industry;

  • Support to the construction, packaging and manufacturing industries by developing new fungi bio composite materials;

  • Support to the bioscience industry by developing new microbial or enzyme systems and technologies for the processing of fungi based biomass;

  • Support to the pharma and chemical industry by providing trial space for new sources of ‘green’ chemicals;

  • Support to energy producers by trialing different feedstocks and bioenergy crops for biomass efficiency;

  • Rural communities support by applying biorefinery technology to the processing of food and non-food crops.


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