Communities grow... and flourish!

Through Green Grow Club (GGC) Marketplace we strive to band together value-driven people, therefore also to connect local communities with their eco producers, eco-vendors, local artisans and random "pre-loved" sellers.

Are you a green product producer? Are you a local grower? Are you a local craft-maker? Do you have pre-loved items in very good conditions that you want to keep in circulation? Fantastic. This place is where you can feature and sell your products for free in your local area arranging direct delivery or collection with the locally-based conscious consumers and pals. 

Are you a conscious consumer? Great. This place is for you. Are you a minimalist and want to make informed choices. Excellent! This place is for you. Individuals that consume (or choose not to consume) with impact in mind are empowered and the market responds to meet consumer demands, and this expands accessibility. 

With access to more information and more product choices, more people are given the opportunity to weigh in on the ethics and standards of our day to day consumption. 


GGC is the space for you all. We want to create a space to have everyone on the same side: the planet side. A space for value-driven people, regardless they play the role of eco-producers or conscious consumers, to have dialogue and shorten the distance. If you are a local business, you can even arrange your local collection on sales and purchases, and avoid to have shipping costs. Win-win for local eco-vendors and conscious consumers in the neighbourhood. 

You can freely create a local action group for your area in the Plaza, have a space for conversations and events on value-driven topics. The sustainability of local natural food and product systems depends on the integrity of personal relationships within the communities they sustain and which sustain them. The sustainability of food freshness, flavor, safety, nutrition, and of economic and social benefits for communities and societies all depends on sustaining the integrity of relationships among farmers, customers, society, and the integrity of their relationships with the earth. Relationships of integrity, creating and maintaining them, will be the most important challenge in creating the sustainable communities needed to sustain a new sustainable community-based food system.If rural communities can meet this challenge, they will also be revitalised economically by new employment opportunities. We need more local actors to maintain the natural beauty and health of our land, and thereby, to reduce waste and reliance on chemicals in our needed food and products, and ultimately becoming carbon-negative. 

We need more eco-vendors selling and producing products without harming the environment. We need more people to market directly to consumers and to begin to rebuild local sustainability-driven systems, which not only link eco-vendors and local people but return more economy directly into local communities. 

A sustainable community supports people in their area.