Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Green Grow Club different from other online marketplaces?

Green Grow Club is not just a marketplace. We are a community of like-minded people, both conscious consumers and eco-vendors, committed to goods which are sustainable, ethical, up-cycled or recycled, single-plastic free, organic, vegan, chemical free, cruelty free and fairtrade. Green Grow Club is also a learning hub striving to create a common ground which defines what sustainability means in a science-based, practical way. 
Sustainability has very clear, precise and measurable criteria that have been developed by scientists and practitioners over the last 30 years. These provide clarity on performance and impacts, but also provide guidance to a company on how to improve their performance and also their competitiveness.
Green Grow Club is set to support eco-vendors understand where they are on their sustainability journey and how to improve on their current position. 

How does the Green Grow Club relate to the SDGs? 

GGS has a Sustainability Meterto measure the impact and improvement of a company or a product. The GGS meter connects directly to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, through a thorough eco-vendor self-assessment and ultimate external verification. This gives customers the chance to get a clearer picture of their own environmental footprint through their purchases. For example, if your priority is ‘human rights’ or ‘water’, GGC allows you to make the best choices for you, by using the eco-vendors’ sustainability profile.

How does the GGC help to improve sustainability performance?

GGC provides all the eco-vendors with learning resources, developed by sustainability professionals. GGC is tethered to the Plaza - Learning Hubplatform where sustainability challenges, learnings and solutions can be openly shared so that others can benefit. Should they wish to engage with Green Grow sustainability professionals to assist in that journey they can do so.

What does it cost to be on the Green Grow Club marketplace?

There is no charge for opening an eco-vendor account on GGC and selling through the marketplace. There will never be a monthly fee for being on the marketplace and for 2021 there will be no commission fee on any sales. 
We have an ‘early bird’ opportunity: For 2021, eco-vendors can join the Green Grow Club and sell free of subscription and commission. In addition, if an eco-vendor joins the GGC by 31 July 2021, the product commission fee in 2022 will be locked at 10%. If you join the GGC after 31 July, you will keep the 0% transaction commission rate until the end of 2021, but you will be charged a 25% commission fee from the beginning of 2022. Green Grow charges no transactional fees to customers.

Why can’t I pay in British Pounds for the Premium Plaza-Learning Hub subscription?

Premium subscription plans on the Plaza -Learning Hub are only available in U.S. dollars on the web and Android. With Apple, subscription-plans are available in the member's own currency. We will expand to support multiple currencies later this year.

What does an eco-vendor have to do to sell products on Green Grow, and how is this validated?

The online sign up process is straightforward but we do require that eco-vendors comply with our four entry-level ethics. We then invite them to undertake a free 30-45 minute online sustainability survey which shows where they are on their sustainability journey. The score generated by the survey gives consumers information about the sustainability  performance of the eco-vendor. 
For maximum credibility on the platform, eco-vendors can undertake an external validation process through Green Grow Club which provides a certified sustainability score. 

What payment methods does Green Grow Club accept?

Many. If you are an eco-vendor, you need to set up your favourite payment systems to allow the consumers to place an order with their PayPal account, bank or credit card.

What is Green Grow Club?

Green Grow Club CIC is a spin-off from Aurora Sustainability Group, based in Moray, Scotland. Aurora Sustainability is a multi-award winning group who specialise in sustainability practices and mentoring for businesses and communities. 

If I have a problem signing on to the platform, who do I contact?

Please, get in touch with us at