Band together

Together for a healthy planet and a sustainable future. Green Grow Club is a place to assess the environmental, labor & human rights, ethical and sustainable procurement performance of eco-vendors and drive and deliver tangible, measurable improvements of their suppliers’ as well as their own sustainability performance.

We are soon opening this community door to eco-conscious consumers and a wide range of amazing eco-friendly produces which meet the very high criteria of being truly sustainable, ethical, up-cycled or recycled, single-plastic free, organic, cruelty-free, chemical free, cruelty free and fairtrade.

At GGC we strive all to make sustainability measured business practices the norm for both individuals and businesses, to support an impact economy. Our focus is accelerating the cultural shift that leads to consumer expectations of sustainability and fair practices of the companies they engage with. 


Our Ethics 

At Green Grow Club our shared values and ethics are of paramount importance. Everything is interconnected and for the human species to flourish every decision we make must take into account its effect on the larger ecology of life on the planet. 

We love and appreciate eco-vendors and conscious consumers who choose to act with integrity, honesty, fairness, kindness, and with an appreciation of the larger web of life of which we are part. 

As a minimum commitment to be part of this regenerative driven club, we ask all eco-vendors to commit to our GGC ethos:

  • plastic-free products, packaging and shipping
  • cruelty-free processes of production 
  • fairness 
  • kindness

At Green Grow Club we aim to be transparent in all our dealings, and as a community of practice, we entrust our eco-vendors to be transparent and act with integrity in regard to their products and operations.