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We are open to all regenerative sustainable businesses. Jump on board and be the first on a marketplace that truly puts

sustainable products and business first.

From one hero businesses to pioneering teams, we look forward to hearing from you.

Frequently asked questions

What Do You Mean By Plastic Free?

We mean that all products, packaging and shipping are plastic-free. We require all sellers to agree to only sell products on Green Grow Club that can comply with these ethics. Please note that we do consider bio-plastics which are home compostable to be comparable to plastic-free.

What Do You Mean By Cruelty Free?

All vendors product production processes must not inflict cruelty onto humans or animals.

What Do You Mean By Fair?

All vendors need to provide living wages to all employees and healthy workplace equality.

What Do You Mean By Kind?

Be kind to yourself, others and the environment.


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